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The knowledge and the passion for the natural stone, characterized since its beginning Luxury Design, which exports the Italian craftsmanship worldwide .

Its entrepreneurial skills has created a well-organized distribution network, capable of satisfying all needs, always providing the same level of care, professionalism and competence , company’s signature in the pursuit of quality.


Luxury Design is the leading importer of natural stone with a large selection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and slate.

Thanks to our two facilities located in renowned extraction areas, Luxury Design can follow the production chain from the extraction to the subsequent processing stages which uses the most advanced technologies.


Our strength is customer service, following the client from the beginning to the end of the project.  We help the client to choose the suitable material , considering the natural characteristics to make it stand out , and comparing our intent with the mastery of who extracts and labors the stone , Luxury Design realizes beautiful projects that valorize the natural stone as a work of art designed by nature.


Luxury Design is committed to give its customers reliability , the best quality , continuity and uniformity of materials thus establishing solid and transparent relationships with clients around the world.


The company develops cut to size projects ,mock-up , dry laying , 3D rendering , expert freight shipments, working alongside with architects and project managers .


Luxury Design accomplishes all types of project for commercial or residential setting, from flooring, baths, kitchens to patios, from rustic to contemporary styles, satisfying both the small and the most ambitious projects.


What we can offer is better than a cooperation……it’s a solution!

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